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Product details

Supply Ability

  • Warranty(Year):1 Year

Product Specifications

  • Application:Lighting Controller
  • Rated Voltage:Other

Product Description

● integral time: 50us-l0s;● wavelength range: 380nm-780nm (expandable to 200nm ultraviolet or infrared 1100nm)The accuracy of wavelength:± 0.3nm;● optical bandwidth: 2nm;● stray light: <0.1%● chromaticity coordinate accuracy of ± 0.0015 (under standard light), 00003 (A source);● chromaticity coordinate repeatability: ± 0.0002x, ± 0.0003y (thermostatic Blu-ray)● flux measurement range: 0.01 Im-200000 Im (with different integral ball)● photometric accuracy: -A/D: 16bit L.25MHz AD A/D● communication interface: USB2.0

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