HPG1900 luminaires rotation goniophotometer with double pillars, IES file available

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Product details

HPG1900 goniophotometer

It can measure all types of lighting sources and luminaires including lamps of all kinds, indoor and outdoor luminaires, and floor lights of all kinds on C-γ plan and B-β plan, with high accuracy. IESNA files output and match international universal lighting design software, meets the requirement CIE and IESNA standard.

Characteristics and specifications:

It is design to measure luminous intensity data, luminous intensity distribution, zonal luminous flux, luminaires efficiency, luminance distribution, coefficient of utilization, luminance limitation curves, glare, maximum ration of distance to height, equal illuminance diagrams, curve of luminaires vs lighting area, isocandela diagrams, efficient lumines, center angle etc.

Rotations of test samples around both vertical and horizontal axis and rotation range:±1800

Photometer heads: CIE class A (standard class), constant-temperature, pre-amplified detector. It is a sole technology in china and superior to class 1 detector.

Adopt stable mechanical structure which means more smooth rotation and higher precise.

The rotation can be controlled by the goniometer controller or computer of high intellectual faculties and fine stability.

Accuracy of angle0.10

Resolution of angle: 0.0010

Accuracy of photometry: CIE clad A(standard class)

Double laser alignment for position of luminaires

Compensation for the luminaires fluctuation

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