HP880D Mini goniophotometer

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Product details


HP880D mini goniophotometer

HP880D is employed to measure the photometry parameters of small LED lamp and single power LED. The instrument includes optic dark chamber and aperture, can be operated at optional distances without dark room environment supporting. The solution meets CIE127 and IEC61341 requirements.

Characteristics and specifications:

Range of luminosity: 0.1-30.000c d

Accuracy of luminosity: class1

Spread angle of light beam: θ(50%)θ25%θ75%

Center intensity: 10

Angle range: -900-+900

Angle accuracy: ±0.20

Measuring angle interval: 10

Fine V(λ)corrected detector

Draw luminous intensity distribution curve and measure the spread angle for light beam automatically

Meet the requirements of GB&CIE


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