HP6100 SMD Aging tester for 5050,3528 SMD LED

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Product details

Designed to measure the aging-life and coloring comparisons of 50pcs 5050 SMD LED and 100pcs 3528SMD LED.


Aging the LED products and recording the aging time. Three aging methods available: constant current, impact pulse and on-off mode.

(1) Constant current: aging the LED tubes via constant current.

(2) Impact pulse: Use frequency and duty ratio pulse currents actuate of LED tubes aging.

(3) On-off mode: Aging the LED tubes through drive the constant current.


1. Aging functions: constant current, impact pulse, on-ff mode;

2. Range of forward current(IF): constant current: 0~100.0mA, Impact pulse: 0~200.0mA;

3. Range of forward voltage: 5.0V;5~20.0V(special order);

4. Rang of impact pulse frequency: 10—9999Hz; Duty ratio: 1%~99%;

5. Range on-off circle: 0~9999h59m59s;

6. Range of on-off times: 0~9999 times ;

7. Range of aging time:0~9999h59m59s;

8. 150 separate constant current supply;

9. Working power: (1) working power supply: AC 220V±10% ;

               (2) power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz;

10. Requirements of environment: (1)working temperature: 0℃~40℃;

                                                (2)ideal temperature: 25℃±5℃;

11. Size: 240mm×120mm×360mm (width*height*depth);

12.Weight: about 6kg.

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