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Measure luminous intenslty data, luminous intensity distribution,zonal luminous flux, luminous efficiency, luminance distribution coefficient of utilization , luminance limitation cu rves, glare, maximum ratio of distance to height, equal illuminance diagrams, curves of luminaires vs lighting area, isocandela curve, efficient luminescence angle etc

~ The mirror rotates around the tested lumimaire with an angle of ( y ) + 1800 (or 0-3600 ), and the tested luminaire rotates around ''''itself with an angle of (C) + 1800 (or 0-3600 )~ Using technical and high level redirector which is made up by special metal f''''iber, no winding , intelligent startup and stop, keep stable rotating continuous testing and low no''''ise~ The posit''''ion and work''''lng state remain the same as it is under working~ Special collimation device with laser cross line, convenient and accurately fix the position of the tested luminaires~ The accuracy of angle : O.10 . resolution of angle : 0.01。~ The tested data meets the international and national standard requirements. IESNA file format output can be transfered by other illumination and luminaire design software~ USB to RS-232C standard ''''interface and windows operating boundary surface with both Chinese and English, conven ''''lent to connect with all kinds of computers~ The accuracy of photometric : standard class

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