OHSP Spectral Color Luminance Meter

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  • Brand name:HOPOO 虹谱
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  • Brand name:HOPOO 虹谱

OHSP Spectral Color Luminance Meter

OHSP series portable spectrum color illuminance meter is the research and production of Hangzhou OhomeSmart Technology Co Ltd, set of spectra, color, illumination, radiation, stroboscopic measuring functions. The 5 inch big screen, the measurement parameters and curve of real-time display, convenient use, can be tested directly in the lighting scene, can measure a wide spectrum light source, LED light source can also measure energy-saving lamp CFL, high low pressure sodium lamp HID narrow spectrum, can be used for the design, construction stage lights, plant growth lamp, engineering application environmental light testing.


1Product advantage

Long telephoto optical system, the optical resolution of 2nm, a wider wavelength range, LED can measure a wide spectrum light source, light source measurement can also CFL energy saving lamp and high low pressure sodium lamp HID the narrow spectrum;

Those with automatic zero and zero compensation technology, the largest integral time can be longer, can measure the weak light signal;

Those with electronic shutter technology, the minimum integration time can be less than 50uS, can measure more light signal;

The fast switch machine, a key test, use more convenient,;

The large size HD IPS capacitive touch screen, high resolution display, the screen display more content, bright color, can be used outdoors;

The large capacity battery, 24 hours long test time;

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