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  • Brand name:HOPOO
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  • Brand name:HOPOO


Good human-machine interface withSA905 standard interface and CCD high-speed optical spectra. Connect with aprinter can print test report directly, and data can be save as Excel file for analysispurpose. A PC with related devices can fully satisfied with the electricperformance testing and analysis and other experiments like this. It is appliedto labs, QC department and also production line. 


The system can determine spectral power distribution, chromaticity coordinates, correlated color temperature(CCT), color rending index, SDCM, peak wavelength, spectral half width, dominant wavelength, color purity, luminous flux and etc.

1. Test speed:5ms-2s;

2. Range of wavelength: 380~780nm;

3. Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.3nm;

4. Accuracy of chromaticity coordinates: ±0.0015(x, y);

5. Range of dominant wavelength: 380~780nm;

6. Accuracy of dominant wavelength: ±1.5nm;

7. Correlative color temperature: 1000K—100000K, resolution:1K

8. Range of luminous intensity: 10mcd~3000cd (available with optical device)

9. Range of luminous intensity: 10mlm~20000lm(depending on the size of sphere);

10. Accuracy of electrical parameters: ±5%;

11. Accuracy of photometry: class1.

12. Range of forward current(IF):0.01mA~2.50A;

13. Range of forward voltage(VF):0.01~40.00V;

14. Range of reverse current(IR):0.01μA~200μA;

15. Range of reverse voltage(VR):0.01~30.00V;

16. A high degree of intelligent instruments with high stability and repeatability, it is completely satisfied with CIE measurement requirement;

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